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  • Refund Policy: 

    • No refunds/exchanges on firearms or ammunition​

    • Accessories may be exchanged within 30 days of purchase

  • Warranty:

    • All warranty issues are handled by the manufacturer. We are happy to coordinate shipping of firearms to the manufacturer on your behalf. Shipping is either paid by manufacturer or customer.​

  • Transfers:​

    • We provide inbound and outbound FFL transfers. If receiving a firearm, we will contact you when it has been processed and is ready for pickup. You will be required to complete a Form 4473 and NICS background check prior to taking possession of the firearm.​

    • We provide private transfer background checks for sale between two local private parties. Purchaser must complete form 4473 and NICS check.

    • To initiate an incoming transfer, please contact us with the following information:

      • Your name and contact information

      • The make and model of the firearm

      • An order number if relevant

      • The name of the dealer or individual who will be shipping the firearm

      • The senders phone and email address or phone and fax number

  • Background check, what is required:​

    • If you possess a valid Arizona Concealed Carry Permit you may be eligible for an expedited background check. You must complete a Form 4473 but your current CCW counts as your NICS check. You must also have another form of valid government ID with a picture. Driver License, state ID card or Passport are acceptable. This must show current address.​

    • If you do not possess a valid Arizona Concealed Carry Permit:

      • Must have valid government issued photo ID​

        • Arizona Driver License​

        • U.S. Passport

        • Arizona State ID card

        • Must have current address

      • Complete Form 4473​

      • Receive a "Proceed" following NICS background check

  • Sell, Trade or Consign firearms:​

    • We take firearms that are in excellent condition in trade, consignment and purchase.​

    • Local and federal laws apply to every transaction.

    • Each firearm will be held for a period of ten days from receipt and be reported to the City of Phoenix. 

    • If the city/state requests we hold the firearm we will not notify the owner or return it to the owner until we are authorized to release it.

    • Consignment: We will work hard to sell your firearm for a fair price. The split is 85%/15% unless otherwise negotiated. Any associated costs, such as shipping, repair, etc are the responsibility of the seller.

  • Gun smithing / repair:​

    • We work with one of the top gunsmith's in the valley. We are happy to coordinate the work for you.​

    • If bringing in a firearm for gunsmithing/repair, ensure that it is UNLOADED and cased. Do not remove the firearm from the case while in the store. We will do this for you.

  • Personally owned firearms: ​

    • We understand that you may be armed when you enter our store. However, please do not remove your firearm from your holster or case for any reason. If you do so, you will be asked to leave the store immediately, no exceptions. This is a significant safety concern, yours and ours, as most firearm related accidents occur during administrative handling of a firearm.​

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